We’re the Good Guys!

The funeral industry can be a tough profession for many obvious reasons.

People think we are just out to get their money and that we could care less about anything else.  Well, we are trying to get paid… we are a business after all, and that is how a business operates.

On the flip side, we are actually a great group of guys and gals that have made a commitment to do everything within our power to help guide a family through the toughest time of their life.  We provide all the necessary tools, and support to provide a meaningful and personalized service.

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Fountains of Experience

What do you say when a person calls your funeral home to ask that most probing of questions, “How much?” Do you quickly blurt out the answer to their inquiry or do you steel yourself with a deep breath and prepare for a long informative conversation about what they will potentially experience over the next several days?

If you answered the latter, then you will undoubtedly increase your firm’s chances of serving that family regardless of “how much.”

As funeral directors, we are often challenged as to what our value is to modern society. Are we simply disposers of the dead or are we caring and skilled professionals who are here to educate those we serve?

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Celebrity Deaths: We Hardly Knew You

Celebrity, as a phenomena, is defined as fame, renown, or public eminence; or being so well-known through assorted mediums as to be transfixed in the lives of the common man. We put celebrities under a microscope along with the spotlight so as to know the fantastic as well as the mundane regarding their daily lives.

Yet, nothing quite compares to those fateful dates when said celebrities vanish from the physical world with a swarm of high profile news flashes, tweets and Facebook “R.I.P.’s”.

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