What should I title my first blog post?

Well, that was easy.

All joking aside, I am truly excited to be writing my first blog post.

Well… That is actually a lie. Not the “I am truly excited” part, but the whole I’m “writing my first blog post” thing is a fib. I have had the pleasure of writing for my profession on my funeral home’s underappreciated newsletter/blog and for Texas Director magazine, which is the Texas Funeral Directors Association’s publication.

I am truly excited to be writing for my very OWN blog! How about that?

I haven’t yet decided what this site’s goal will be. It is likely that in it’s infancy it will be a source for my own maturation as a writer. My ultimate hope is that it will inform and entertain those seeking to understand how the Millennial generation fits into the funeral profession.

I will not be alone here either. My friends throughout the industry will lend their talents via regular posts and guest spots. Thank you for reading and stayed tuned for more.



Written by: Matthew Morian

Matt is a licensed funeral director & embalmer in the State of Texas and is a founding member of Millennial Directors. He is also a contributor to Texas Director Magazine.


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