A Final Farewell

When a family chooses direct cremation, they often do so out of economic considerations or by request of the deceased (“Y’all don’t make a fuss over me”). Performing a meaningful service to mourn the loss of their loved one is no longer an opportunity for the funeral home. Or is it?

When working for a funeral home, you are expected to give your client families the utmost respect and care. Whether you are a funeral director, embalmer, assistant, or an administrative staffer, it is up to you to make sure your families have a fitting final impression of your facility and staff.

When the cremated remains are ready and the family is notified that their loved one is available for them to receive, you then have an occasion to serve them one last time before they leave your building. Here are a few ideas you can use to make your final moments with a family, memorable ones:

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The Millennial Director’s Perspective

Born in the year 1983, I was often told I was part of Generation-Y… the not as cool as “Gen-X” generation that propelled Vanilla Ice to stardom. Much to my relief, the term “Millennial” came along to make us stand out from our counterparts.

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My mullet and I circa 1987.

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